Waiting is NEVER Easy!

Do you agree that waiting is NEVER easy? I think I should have learned this by now, but for me it is a continual process. Although I've managed to develop more patience when it comes to things like standing in the grocery line or waiting in the Dr.'s office, I am still quite impatient when I'm ready for something new to happen.

I'm reminded of a familiar verse in Psalm 27:14:

               "Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD."

We don't  know the exact circumstances David the Psalmist was facing when he penned these words. But when you read the entire psalm, it's clear that there were enemies all around him who were relentlessly pursuing him. I can't say that I've experienced the same thing, at least in a literal sense. But, it seems like I face a multitude of enemies in my mind and emotions when God calls me to a waiting place.

The enemies are subtle but persistent. They start as fleeting thoughts and then develop into entire scenarios bent on shaking my faith. For instance, just today I realized how insidious these enemies of my thought life can be.

"What you're waiting for may happen, but it will never be as good as you have imagined..." You better not get your hopes up so high, you know you will be disappointed..." "You can't expect God to answer this desire because you dragged your feet early on, and now, it's too late..." "Why should God answer your prayers when there are so many others' who are more deserving..."

Can you relate? It really is a battle of the mind. I did a word study of Psalm 27:14 and found out some key gems. First of all, the word "wait" in the Hebrew means "to hope in, wait for, look for." It's a word that means "eager expectation of something you know will occur." I love that! We are to "wait" for the LORD! So many times I'm waiting for the "answer" or my desired outcome, but the Psalmist reminds me to "wait for the LORD" and I can be absolutely assured that He will come. He will be with me in the waiting place. He has designed this place for my good and He wants to meet with me in it.

If you're in a "waiting" season, "be strong and take heart!" We'll look at what "being strong" and "taking heart" means next post! Until then, "Wait for the LORD!"