Taking Inventory

Let’s face it. Taking inventory of anything is not fun. It’s not something that is usually at the top of my list. Whether I’m taking inventory of my bookshelves, clothing in my closet, or assessing my finances I usually don’t have a warm, fuzzy feeling after I’m done. Taking inventory forces me to deal with reality. Either I have “too much” of something or “not enough.” Either way, it requires me to respond. I do have choices, however. I can respond several different ways. I can choose to be in denial, refusing to address the “too muchness” or the “too little.” I can face the reality and make a plan of action to address the problem. Or I can procrastinate. Procrastination seems to be my favorite alternative when I feel overwhelmed, inadequate, or clueless about how to achieve something. Can anyone else relate?

I think many of us find ourselves in a similar dilemma when it comes to our relationships-especially those relationships that need mending.  The first step in mending a broken relationship is to take the initiative.

  • Is this a relationship that I value? Why or why not?
  • What about this relationship do I miss or will I miss if it is not mended?
  • How has this relationship been of benefit and growth to me as a person?
  • How have I contributed to this other person’s benefit and growth?
  • Are there things in the relationship that need to be changed? Where is there “too muchness”? Where is there “too little”?